Gabi Lorino is a writer, editor, and ukulele player. Her first book, A Magical Time Called Later, was inspired by several conversations with a disgruntled 38-year-old bridesmaid and came to her while she was washing dishes one night before Christmas 2015… hence the Christmas undertones.

Her next project was contributing to the Made in L.A.: Stories Rooted in the City of Angels anthology, which was released at the 2018 L.A. Festival of Books. Both of her stories in the first anthology tie into characters who were introduced in A Magical Time Called Later.

Made in LA Writers has since created additional anthologies, for which Gabi has also contributed stories. In addition, she has performed content editing, copy editing, and proofreading for the anthologies, spoken and/or presented at book events, and marketed these books as well.

Her upcoming book, tentatively named Single in December, travels back in time to the Great Recession and follows a group of fun, cool, socially awkward friends through 2019.

If you enjoy Gabi’s writing, check out her west-coast ramblings at diaryofacaliforniatransplant.wordpress.com