Attack of the Killer Memes


My computer is a meme factory these days, where I churn out witty quotes from both A Magical Time Called Later and an anthology called Made In L.A.: Stories Rooted in the City of Angels. I plan to ‘launch’ most of them in the week preceding the L.A. Festival of Books, to stir up some excitement and bring people to our booth. This allows us writers to talk to readers in person and find out what they’re interested in reading… in fact, the anthology was created to satisfy the question, “Do you have stories about L.A.?” Given that my book is set in Tampa Bay, last year I had to say no… but since I’ve written an L.A.-based story for the anthology, now the answer is yes!

The online world can reach overwhelming proportions rather quickly, so my aim in making these is to give a quick glance into the story to those who are open to it. Therefore, the word ‘killer’ in this blog’s title hopefully refers to the quality of the memes themselves, rather than me sending a million messages out into the world and overloading the internet! (That’s definitely not on my agenda.)

In addition to my cave drawings, my cohort Allison Rose, who is a talented graphic designer, whipped up these for me. I’ve already shared them on Instagram.

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