Word Nerd Media is here!

Word Nerd Media became my official doing business as name last month, and now I’m updating my Kindle book and creating a hard copy book through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Converting text from an ebook to a regular book is eye-twitching work… I’ve gotten to Chapter Nine (entitled: Girl, I’ve got eyes!) today and hope to get the rest of the document ship-shape by the end of this week so it can be uploaded.

Thanks for tuning in!

Update 3/21/2018

Things always take longer than you think they will, but some things are worth the wait. And conveniently my co-author Allison Rose made me a pretty logo, as seen below:

Word Nerd Media Logo

I’m now finished with putting everything into template for CreateSpace, and just need to make sure that the inside layout looks good for the book. It’s been a day of trying and trying again, but I hope, being that it’s the first day of Spring, that I can get the hard cover book completed, ordered, and in my hot little hands by early April.


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