The Parade of Memes Begins!


The quote above came from a man I dated and dumped… and in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, it appears in Chapter 1 of A Magical Time Called Later, when my dear protagonist, Holly, realizes that she’s run out of time. She will end up married to a–(I hate to use the words my reviewers have used to describe Jason)–unless she takes action. Though she puts most things off until the magical time called later, sometimes fate forces her hand and dumps her into unfamiliar territory which, naturally, is peppered with glories and difficulties as well as a sprinkling of hilarity.

AmazonQRCode-GLorinoUse this handy QR Code to find the book for sale on  You can read the first chapter and see if it’s something you’d enjoy. It’s an affordable $3.99 and currently part of Kindle Unlimited. I’ve filled it with musings on 20 years of dating (as an adult!) as well as Florida life, work life (though I didn’t choose to work in a pub but rather frequented several), the indignity of unkind judgments at high school reunions, the clash of old-fashioned family expectations against modern reality, and so on.

More memes will appear as inspiration strikes! Now to share this to Twitter and Facebook!


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