Holly’s House: A Simple Rendering

It’s two weeks until the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and I’m working with 3 other independent authors to prepare for the big event! We are creating fun stuff to hand out and sharing ideas about how we’ll interact with all the readers and writers at the festival. I’ll be on hand to tell writers about our critique group in Pasadena, and also see if there’s any interest in my upcoming book, A Magical Time Called Later… maybe gather a few email addresses just in case there is.

So, since those Creative Cloud programs were open, I took a stab at drawing my protagonist Holly’s house. Now, my relationship with graphic design has been on-again, off-again for many years. I know a few of the basics but can’t get too gosh-darn fancy with anything; I feel more like a modern cave woman, fiddling around in InDesign for hours to make what a practiced person could do (and make pretty!) in five minutes! However, I did want to have this drawing, as well as the first chapter of my book, to present to people when they come to the festival, visit this blog, and check out my work.

Basically, this is how I saw Holly’s house when I wrote A Magical Time Called Later. I pictured a modest 2-bedroom home tucked in some shady corner of Tampa, with moss-covered live oak trees lining the street where she lives.

Without further ado, here is my “cave drawing” of Holly’s house. Me make picture!HollysHouse

I wonder if other writers have an entire picture of the setting in mind when they write stories. Regardless, this is how I saw mine. Enjoy!

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