Judging a Book by Its Cover

By now I’m working in InDesign on a cover for my book. Having turned in the manuscript for peer editing yesterday (wheee! the crowd goes wild!!!), now it’s time to turn my attention to other creative concerns.

I started with my old Swatch, and a picture of it, and turned it into this for the first iteration, then widened the look of the watch for the second version. Since it’s based on a Swatch, various color schemes can be used, though I want to stick with purple for the section containing the word ‘magical’ because I think that’s on point.


I’m also playing with the idea of using a photograph of the beach instead, but worry that it would look too busy.

Then I started thinking about my main character. She is a redhead and uses a different palette for her clothes than I do as a brunette. I made a cover related to her wardrobe choices and colors that were popular when the story is set (in 2015).

And… viola! screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-12-26-27-pm

New font was used to add variety to the look, and it looks like my name is inside a delicious pumpkin pie, which appeals to me but I’m not sure about how it would appeal to the average consumer.

Comments? Ideas? Please share.

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